Our environmental policy: Eco gestures

Our commitment

Ever-conscious of the environment and environmental issues, we have developed an eco-friendly policy.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint by the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and with the aim to provide the highest standard of services to our customers, we have fixed the following objectives:

  • Reduce our energy consumption and favour renewable energy,
  • Optimise water consumption,
  • Limit waste production and improve waste valorisation,
  • Favour the use of renewable resources and substances less dangerous to the environment,
  • Improving pro-environmental communication practices and strategies.

Our environmental policy

As part of our environmental policy, we have put into practice the following measures:

  • Use of low consumption lightbulbs and 50% of electricity produced from renewable energy
  • Installation of flow valves (8 l/min) on all of our taps to reduce water consumption
  • Easy access recycling bins to make recycling easier and compost bins set up on the site
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Encouraging our customers to respect our environmental policy through communicating about eco-gestures

A few simple gestures within everyone’s reach to help preserve the environment

La Récré campsite strives to protect the environment.  Please help us:

  • Don’t forget to turn the lights and heating off when you open the windows
  • Dangerous substances, such as disinfectant, nail varnish, solvents, medicine etc, must not be poured down the sink or toilet to avoid disrupting the sewage system
  • Only put toilet paper down the toilet
  • Please use the recycling bins at the campsite entrance for glass, paper and plastic (near the reception office)
  • Containers for medicine, used batteries and lightbulbs are located in the reception office
  • To reduce waste, use non-disposable products (eg, bring a salad bowl to collect your chips from the reception)